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Help for Headaches and Dizziness

Headaches or dizziness really impact on day-to-day living. Pain killers can only do so much to alleviate a headache, but if the problem is chronic they are less useful. Dizziness may occur occasionally as unsteadiness or feeling faint, or there may be frequent dizzy spells up to full-blown vertigo. Homeopathy always aims to address the root causes of a person’s health issues. The homeopath will want to know what makes your symptoms better or worse. Do they come on during rest or movement? Does heat or cold, brightness or darkness, your position (lying, sitting, bending down etc.) affect them? What time of the day are they worse? What usually triggers them (stress, anger, certain foods, loss of sleep), or did they first occur after something like an injury or an emotional upset? There are many homeopathic medicines to choose from, so a detailed case-taking is essential so that the homeopath can select the most appropriate one for you as an individual. There is hope with homeopathy!

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