Homeopathy is an individual therapy

Pills in flask sorounded by herbs and spices

Homeopathy puts you at the centre of treatment. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, so each person is treated as an individual.

Every one of us reacts differently – physically and emotionally – to everyday events, stressful situations and life experiences. Our physical make-up, personal history and all that we have inherited make us unique, and different from anybody else. So, in homeopathy, each of us needs a personalised treatment plan. If five people, for example, have a sore throat it is very likely that each of them will require a different homeopathic remedy. One might develop the sore throat after swimming, another when too stressed at work, yet another after a problem in a relationship.

Any symptom, for example a headache or a pain in the joints, is your body’s way of communicating to you that something needs correcting. The aim of my treatment is always – together with you – to find out what it is that makes you sick or unwell. The remedy I choose for you will stimulate your body’s self-healing ability and correct the imbalance, also providing natural pain relief.

Although the action of the remedies is usually gentle and subtle, the effects can be powerful and long lasting. Homeopathic remedies are without side-effects and non-addictive which means they can be used safely for everyone – from pregnancy and infancy through childhood and adolescence to older age.