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The world is full of viruses

Viral illness is something homeopathy is really familiar with. For the last 200 years, homeopaths have been successfully treating people who were ill with viral diseases. During the great flu epidemic of 1918, the “Spanish Flu”, the homeopathic hospitals recorded a fraction of the deaths that were reported from the other hospitals. A study in Philadelphia found a mortality of 1.05% in 26,795 patients treated by homeopathic physicians, while the average old school mortality was 30%. I find that impressive!In the times we live in, homeopathy is more important then ever, both for treatment during the acute phase and for help and support with post-viral problems. Not to forget strengthening your defenses against viral illness before it even begins. 
We mustn’t forget that all manner of germs and viruses are actually surrounding us all the time, but what matters hugely is the “terrain”, that means: how easy or how hard does that germ find it to harm us. If we (the terrain) are in a weakened state, it might find it easy enough, if we are healthy and strong though, we stand a good chance to not let it harm us.

Should you feel yourself coming down with a viral illness this winter, early intervention with homeopathic remedies is very advisable. By being treated in this way your system will get stronger in the process and most people recover well in a relatively short time.  

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Two short case stories

A flu-like illness
A young woman, whose 4-year-old son had tested positive for the Corona virus, experienced symptoms of headache, a temperature, a painful and irritating cough, general malaise and fatigue a few days later. She tested negative for Covid but was obviously struggling with some other kind of virus. 24 hours after she started taking the remedy Bryonia she reported feeling a lot better, the cough and headache were much improved. Over the next few days she secreted a good bit of mucus (a clearing-out) and was back to herself in a relatively short time.

Post-viral syndrome
A young man of 22 had had a flu, from which he recovered after a few days. However, while the typical symptoms like cough and sore throat were gone, his energy levels didn’t improve. He still felt tired and listless 6 weeks later, not being able to participate in sports or much of normal life, which made him feel quite depressed. He luckily sought homeopathic help, and after administration of a virus-specific remedy, followed by what we call a “constitutional” remedy he felt his energy levels rising considerably and felt back to normal after another week. 

Some useful winter remedies you may want to stock at home:

– Aconite 30c
– Arsenicum Album 30c
– Bryonia 30c
– Gelsemium 30c
– Phosphorus 30c

Stay well!
Gerti Magee

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