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Shy children

As we know, children come in many shapes and sizes. There are those that get easily noticed in the classroom or on the playground because they are loud and boisterous or screaming and throwing tantrums. Then there are the quiet ones, those who do well at school, who don’t generally get into trouble which makes them easy to look after. Their teachers have few complaints about them. Yet the parents may find that their child is a little too shy with other children or finds it hard to accept a new situation. Starting school, or maybe swimming lessons, can be a real challenge for such a child. Their confidence seems to go out the window when faced with a new situation and they are having difficulty engaging with the wider world.While a certain degree of shyness is common in childhood and many children need a little time to get comfortable in a new situation or with new people, severe shyness can be disabling for a child, especially as they grow older. When this pattern persists for a long time it gets harder to change it. If your child seems to be nervous a lot, finds it hard to make friends or to maintain relationships, has difficulty stepping out of their comfort zone, seems to have low self-esteem or might feel lonely as a result of reduced social interactions, then you might wonder what can be done to help. Of course, gentle encouragement and taking small steps to overcome their fears are invaluable for children. You will be doing all of this already. But sometimes things seem to progress no further and something more is needed. At that point I always recommend homeopathy. In homeopathy we have quite a number of remedies that can help a shy or withdrawn child to develop and blossom. As always, the choice of remedy depends on the individual circumstances and the personality of your child, there is no one-size-fits-all. Individually suited remedies will help your child to feel less anxious and more happy and to reach their full potential. If you would like to work with me to support your child’s healthy development please find my contact details on this website.

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