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Self help with tissue salts for colds and Infections

Tissue salts – also called cell salts or biochemic salts – are minerals which should be present in our bodies in a perfect balance. Unfortunately, we are often lacking some of those important minerals and our bodies can’t function as well as they should.

There are twelve basic tissue salts which are prepared from various minerals. They are then slightly potentised, like a homeopathic remedy, usually to the 6x potency. This means that they don’t only have the effect of replenishing the body but also help to absorb these very minerals from food and utilise them better.

Today I want to introduce you to three tissue salts which are very useful for colds, flu-like symptoms and any inflammatory illness like ear infections, sore throats or respiratory trouble.

Tissue salts are very simple to use. To begin with, you don’t have to differentiate as much between them and you can use them according to a particular situation, like the stages of a cold, for example.

So here are the three most important salts for acute infection/inflammation:

Ferrum Phosphoricum, tissue salt no. 4 of the 12 basic salts

Whenever there is the first sign of infection or inflammation, Ferrum Phos. is the most important tissue salt to take. It corresponds to the first stage of an illness. Depending on the intensity of the symptoms, take one dose three or four times a day, or up to every half an hour. What constitutes one dose will be written on the container (tablets are bigger or smaller, depending on the brand).

Children who are coming down with a temperature, a sore throat, an earache etc. can benefit enormously from this salt. After a day of frequent repetition the illness may not develop properly at all. Ferrum Phos seems to have a booster action on the immune system.

Kali Muriaticum, tissue salt no. 5

This is the salt for the second stage of illness, like when you feel you are in the middle of it. It is an effective decongestant, indicated when there is a lot of thick mucus, stuffiness in the nose, throat and chest, or enlarged lymph glands.

Again, repeat doses according to intensity of symptoms, and always reduce when there is an improvement.

Kali Sulph, tissue salt no. 7

This is the salt for the third stage of an illness. When you feel that an infection is lingering, you still feel blocked up and congested after having been sick, sinuses are slow to clear with a residual headache, then it is time to take Kali Sulph. This salt helps to carry oxygen to all the cells and to distribute it evenly, thus assisting the healing process.

Take a dose every three to four hours until you feel improvement.

If you have these three tissue salts at home they will surely come in useful before long!

It is empowering to be able to help yourself and your family with simple remedies which might well save you from having to use an antibiotic.

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