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My child turned into a mini monster!

Sometimes it happens that a toddler or even an older child who up to now has been quite easy to manage, seemingly overnight turns into a different child altogether.There may be defiant behaviour, hitting, frequent meltdowns, “no!” to practically everything, temper tantrums and all kinds of aggressive display. Did that happen to one of your children? The reasons for this changed behaviour can vary. It could be a developmental stage, as in the “terrible twos”, but even then it should stay within reasonable limits. Of course there could also have been a trigger, a traumatic experience, a disappointment, a change in the family situation, a reaction to certain foods that your child is sensitive to.

Below are a few homeopathic remedies that may suit children who are having a hard time adjusting to the world they live in. If your child has turned into a “mini monster” only recently you could try one of them and see if there is improvement. But if you know that your child has been struggling with this for a long time I would strongly advise that you work with a professional homeopath. Only by taking all aspects of your child into account can a really suitable remedy be found which brings lasting change to your child and to the whole family.

But let’s look at a few remedies for now:

Chamomilla – irritability and peevishness, may ask for things only to reject them when they are given. Screaming or constant moaning. A small child can only be calmed by carrying. Usually thirsty and hot children. Much worse during teething. Very sensitive to pain.

Belladonna – anger with red face, biting and hitting, destructive. Impulse to run away. Head can be hot, with cold hands and feet. Sudden anger. May pull own or other people’s hair. Loves lemon flavours.

Cina – the child needing Cina can be irritable and cross a lot of the time. They don’t want to be touched (especially on the head) and don’t like people coming near. This irritability is worse in the morning. They tend to pick their nose all the time and often suffer from worms. In fact, Cina is one of the first remedies to think of if your child has parasites, which can often cause this irritable mind state.

Tarentula Hispanica – very lively children with a huge amount of energy. Attention seeking. Temper tantrums where the child strikes his/her head with their hands or knocks it against the floor. Defiant, does the opposite of what is asked. Very marked love of music and dancing.

Nux vomica – impatient, ambitious, sensitive to noise and music. May be nice with strangers and rude with family members. They want things NOW, can’t wait. Disposed to anger. Competitive. May get angry from slightest contradiction, with red face. Loves stimulants like coffee or coke, also spices. Violent anger, but blows over quickly; can be sorry afterwards.

If any of these short descriptions matches your child’s symptoms, my suggestion would be to try one dose of the remedy in 30c potency daily, for 3 days. Wait a few days and see if there is a noticeable improvement. If there is, leave things alone and only repeat if there is a return of symptoms later. If you can’t see an improvement, repeat the course of three doses as before. If still no change – you need to reconsider your remedy.

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