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Looking for a natural alternative to HRT?

Some women really suffer during menopause – hot flushes, mood swings, palpitations, weight gain, heavy periods are all too familiar to many. Often the answer is HRT. But what if you are not comfortable with this idea, or you have been on HRT for some time but would much prefer to have an effective and safe alternative? Homeopathy could be the solution that you are looking for! Your natural hormonal balance is a very delicate, finely-tuned system which changes significantly at the time of menopause. The body has wisdom, and I believe it is always wiser to work with the body rather than to subject it to artificial rhythms. That means supporting it with natural remedies to help it regulate itself and find a new and healthy balance. A few months of homeopathic treatment can make all the difference.

After all, menopause is not meant to be a time of suffering, but one of transformation and of a new and unknown blossoming!

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