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Help yourself with homeopathy

Let’s face it – if you have a family, there are going to be injuries. Hopefully most of these will be fairly minor, but still an injury does need attention. If you sometimes wish you had a few first aid remedies to hand to deal with these mishaps, here are a few suggestions for you. If you are new to homeopathy, these provide an excellent starting point to dealing with injuries at home and sometimes avoiding a trip to your doctor’s surgery.

Three of the most important homeopathic injury remedies are:

ARNICA: the first homeopathic remedy to take for any injury. It helps to stop bleeding, prevents severe bruising, helps to stop an infection from developing. Injuries with shock, bruising, or where the affected area is sensitive to touch. Arnica dissipates the trauma and both prevents and heals tissue damage. It reduces soreness and pain, for instance after a tooth extraction (which is also an injury, of course). Arnica is also a very useful remedy for bangs to the head, and if you have to seek medical advice you can still give it on the way at quite frequent intervals. It will begin the healing process.

HYPERICUM: injuries to nerve-rich parts, puncture wounds or wounds with excessive pain. So we are talking here about injuries to fingers, toes, nails or lips, say a finger that got jammed in a door or hit by a hammer. It may be good to start with Arnica first and follow with Hypericum. Hypericum is also a specific remedy for injuries to the base of the spine, like when you have come down hard on your backside and really feel your tailbone!

LEDUM: this is the preferred remedy for wounds from sharp instruments, for puncture wounds, especially if the wound looks pale and puffy and feels cold. Also for insect bites (these are also puncture wounds). As well as that, Ledum has an affinity for black eyes, reabsorbing bruises, and for pale swellings of the feet or ankles after an injury.

If you are using homeopathic remedies for first aid at home, you should use them in the 30th potency. The repetition depends on the severity of the injury. If, for example, your child has fallen off their bike and is shocked and has cuts and bruises, you could easily give Arnica every 30 minutes for three or four doses, then lengthen the time between doses. As a general rule, the more intense the suffering, the quicker you repeat. When things get better, you slow down, and when there is a clear improvement you can stop. There is always the option to start again if needed.

I hope these three remedies will give you an idea about homeopathic first aid at home. Don’t be afraid to try it out!

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