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Alleviate Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation with Homeopathy


People undergoing cancer treatment often experience certain side effects, though not everybody does to the same extent. Some people are more affected than others. A very common experience is extreme tiredness or fatigue. It is really important to give yourself plenty of rest and resist the urge to try and do the things you normally expect to be doing!

Other commonly experienced side effects are:

– feeling sick, or vomiting

– loss of appetite

– increased tendency to infections

– sore mouth, dry mouth, mouth ulcers, with discomfort when eating or drinking

– headaches

– skin reactions

– diarrhoea

– anemia

Homeopathic medicine can be used in a complementary way to help with these side effects, and many patients are reporting good results with it. The remedies do not interfere in any way with the treatment itself, their sphere of action is on a completely different level.

Of course, we also have many remedies that can address emotional struggles during this difficult time. Anxiety about the treatment, fear what the future might hold, restlessness and increased stress levels or low mood can all be addressed by a well selected remedy. It will be the remedy that you need, for your individual circumstances and your individual personality.

If you are undergoing chemo or radiotherapy at the moment, or will be in the near future, it might be well worth finding out about homeopathy. It could ease this difficult journey for you.

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